Kurt von Stetten – Cyclops

Boston has a hidden gem that’s slowly but surely becoming less and less secret. Kurt von Stetten is about to release his 80th studio record titled Cyclops on Dec. 13th (slight exaggeration but the dude’s made a ton of music).

I say this every time I try to muster up something to write about a band or artist, but Kurt definitely can not be genre defined. If you come up with one, well then shit, he’s sitting alone in it. But with the amount of aural pleasure that’s coming from that genre, I’m sure it’s not much of a lonely place.


Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing

Good news just came by my way on this chilly but gorgeous Boston afternoon. Saint Motel released a new track titled “At Least I Have Nothing” and well, it’s awesome. I’m an instant fan of the track and I’m pretty sure you will be as well.

Even better news? It’s going onto my favorite medium. You can head here to pre-order the 7″ of it. This is their first vinyl release and one that’ll sit well in any collection.


Rah Rah – Breaking Hearts

I’m such a sucker for a pretty girl with a pretty voice. And Justin Bieber ain’t my type… But that’s exactly what you get on the track featured off of Rah Rah‘s latest record, Breaking Hearts. (nothing Bieber sounding. That was a joke folks)

Released November 15th here in the States, this record is quite a trip. It’s got a wide range of sonic glory on here that is packed neatly in a 13 track album.


Ryan Traster – Junkie Bones

As you probably noticed, I’m not an everyday blogger. I only post what I really like. So it goes without saying that if it’s up on the site, I really dig the sounds I’m hearing.

This is no exception with Ryan Traster and his track ‘Junkie Bones’ from his latest EP Good Hearts. It’s an amazing mix of raw rock, folk, and bit of that sweet spot that makes it sound current. A catchy hook definitely doesn’t hurt the likability of the track either.


White Label – Stolen Voices

I’ll start out with the lamest way to describe a record but the most accurate way… This record is really really cool. And you’re all probably wondering “This dude writes a blog?”.

I’m not one to muster up hip, quotable, new ways to describe a sound or a record. I know what I like and all I want to do is share it with you in hopes you’ll dig it too. The record Stolen Voices from White Label is the latest I’ve come across that really got me excited.

A trio originally from Scotland, these fellas are now located in London and Berlin. They pieced together this record over the air via Skype from the UK to Germany and then mixed the beauty in London.


New Shouts – The Reins to Your Heart

I’ve been digging through my inbox because I stupidly forgot to flag this track as one I wanted to write about. Well lucky for you and I, I found it!

New Shouts are a group from Pittsburgh who have recently released their LP/EP (not sure, it’s a group of 7 songs) titled Sing New Shouts. Wanna pick her up? Head over to their bandcamp page and grab it.

But “hold the phone”, you say! “I haven’t even heard anything by them yet! Why would I want the album!?” Hold tight and check out this beauty of a track. You’ll get why I went email diving to dig this one back up.


Vanaprasta – Nine Equals Nine

I’m happy to share with you another track off of what is most likely my most highly anticipated album of the year. LA boys Vanaprasta are gearing up to release Healthy Geometry and have slipped out the opening track for your aural pleasure.

‘Nine Equals Nine’ is nothing short of perfect. After hearing this and ‘G -‘, all I can say is that I’m even more excited for this record to come out.  These guys are incredible live but these studio cuts we’ve heard are really capturing the fullness of their sound.


Eolune – Ghost Departure

Time to bring it back local style. Boston based band Eolune have a pretty rocking and tightly produced track titled ‘Ghost Departure’ I want to share with you from their Tiny Oceans EP.

You can grab both EPs they’ve put out from bandcamp and all proceeds go to the America Red Cross Relief Effort in Japan. That’s pretty cool in my book. Plus they’re pretty solid EPs. Name your price folks.


Red Eye Fugu – Night Runner video

I’m extremely proud and honored to bring you a premiere of the video for ‘Night Runner’, a track off of Red Eye Fugu’s latest self released Watchers LP.

Formerly known as Poster Child, Enzo Tiano has created something new on this latest LP. He’s the man who does it all. And I couldn’t be excited to share the video for ‘Night Runner’ directed by Jhovany Quiroz.

Wait no more, watch the contrastly visually stunning video for ‘Night Runner’ off of Red Eye Fugu’s latest LP, Watchers.


Filligar – Knock Yourself Out

One of my favorite groups as of recently are back in the studio and working on a new record for release in 2012. Filligar came out onto the scene with their phenomenal record The Nerve and gained some incredible attention from across the country. I’m here today to share a song with you from their upcoming record. The track’s titled ‘Knock Yourself Out’.

From the sounds of it, this record is going to be one to impatiently wait for. Raw, rootsy, and pure Filligar. These young guys are bringing us back old school and laying down nothing but some good old fashioned stomp your feet and clap your hands rock and roll.

Can someone get me a Bud please?


Met City – Patient Patient

Met City seem to be a bit of a rotating cast and crew. The main man behind this group is Loren Beri who definitely has the vision to make some rocking piano based tracks with power, pull, and pride. (I swear I’m not quoting or referencing the movie Cool Runnings in any way).

Met City have a whopper of an album out right now titled Patient Patient. I’m going to give you a small taste of the title track in a bit and if you dig it, I can safely say you’ll be into the other 13 tracks. Although I’m slightly partial to the 21 sec opener titled ‘Godrich’s Orange’. Check it out, you’ll probably see why…


Graham Wilkinson – FOCUS

While this may be more on the pop side of my taste, there’s no denying how good this video is. Graham Wilkinson definitely has a message to get across but for me, the message is nothing but love and positivity on this gorgeous morning. It’s a great way to start the day.

Coming to us from Austin, TX, Graham has definitely been through some tough times in his life. One of the main things must have been losing his brother. I can’t imagine a loss like that. But why not turn that into some positive form of great music?

That seems to be just what he did.


Anna Rose – My Body Is A Cage

I don’t post many covers here on the site. Any good reason? Not really… But I guess it takes a lot for me to get behind a cover. The lovely Anna Rose has fallen into that category of making me really dig a cover of sadly what I think is one the weakest songs by a popular group.

I remember vividly being at an Arcade Fire show during the Neon Bible tour and they put on one of the most rocking sets I had seen in my life. Only not to close out the set with an anthem banger, but leave us all blue balled (male and females alike) with their down tempo closer ‘My Body Is A Cage’.

For that show, I hated them and the song. They walked off the stage without everyone being in the palms of their hand like they should, but with people literally booing them.

Enter Anna Rose to fix things for me.


Nerves Junior – As Bright As Your Night Light

I heard some hype on these dudes from We Listen For You. And although I have my musical differences with them, it’s only natural that some things will resonate. That’s kind of the way it goes with all music bloggers. Some of us dig on one thing really hard, others not so much. But we all have voices and only put up stuff we want to. Or at least most do.

Well, Nerves Junior was definitely something I wanted to put up. This album was just released today and I finally got around to listening to it. Why the hell did I wait so long? Pretty sure it’s been in my inbox for some time now. Put it this way, these dudes are breaking some new ground and it’s such an amazing thing to hear. Best $8 you’ll spend if you want to hear some killer new music.


Spirit Animal – I’m Around’

photo credit: Susanna Patrick

Get yourselves ready to hear a great track. And probably want to shell out some money for a pretty awesome 7″. Just giving you a heads up before you go any further…

Spirit Animal are a group that are definitely busting their ass. And from my point of view, it seems to be paying off. Tonight they kick off a residency at Pianos in NYC, and anyone down in the NYC area should get your ass over there. Wish I could make it down for a night.


The Barr Brothers – Beggar in the Morning

The Barr Brothers are something to behold. Annnd end post. Nah, I’m kidding. These guys do it up right. If I were to define any sort of ‘genre’ that I dig I’m going to now say it’s The Barr Brothers. I’m not saying they define a genre, but their sound defines what my ears like to hear.

Brad and Andrew Barr are some talented dudes. Dip diving all around the country and into the great state up north (Canada) these guys have been making music for some time now. Their self titled release was tossed around to local fans, friends and hopefully family… But now it’s made it to Secret City Records and will be available to the world on Sept 27th.



STARRED are the workings of Liza Thorn and Matthew Koshak. But they’re way more than that. They’re a group that got sent my way that I instantly fell in love with. And from my interactions with them, I can safely say that Liza is a pretty rad chick.

My range of taste is across the board. Someone listen to this and try to classify it into a genre. That’s really what I’m terrible with.

What I know is that I dig these two tracks and that’s about it. Why do I need to explain more? I don’t know Liza or Matthew’s history. All I know is that these two tracks ended up in my listening ears and I dug them.


Railbird – No One

photo credit: Amanda Picotte
God damn I love being a music blogger. I’ve said this before, but being able to have access to such amazing music all of the time is one of the biggest perks. And this artist is no different.

Railbird is the work of Sarah K. Pedinotti with help from some amazing musicians. Their debut record No One is out now and available on their website and other mediums. I’m giving it my second spin now and am completely in awe.


You Won’t – Skeptic Goodbye

Alright. It’s time to bring it back local style. There’s a new Boston based duo out there who have definitely got my goodies in a flutter. You Won’t are releasing their debut album Skeptic Goodbye on Bandcamp and CD Baby.

I’ve had a chance to listen to it twice over now and hot damn, it’s pretty fucking good! This duo states where their influences are drawn from but I’m not going to name them. That’s actually doing this music an injustice.

The songs are great, palatable yet the production on them keeps the record really interesting. More on that later…


So Many Wizards – Inner City / Best Friends 7″

There’s something about the words “Limited Edition 7″ that get me all a flutter. Even better when I get to listen to the tracks beforehand and decide how much I really want to pre-order that 7”.

Well, in this case you get to share along with me. So Many Wizards (audio warning on click) are releasing two tracks “Inner City” and “Best Friends” on a limited edition 7″ (500 copies) on a boutique label called Seven Inch Project.

Good news is that the tracks are pretty awesome. (really descriptive, huh?) Fuck it, just give them a listen and see if they’re something you’d be interested in.


The Fight – New Young Electric

Well, Canada strikes again. This time it’s with a group called The Fight from Edmonton who are about to release their first LP in July titled New Young Electric.

This thing is great. Solid tracks from start to finish that aren’t pretentious, contrived, or trying to be something they can’t be. They flow with ease from the second you drop the needle on the record. (ok, I don’t have the 180 gram vinyl yet but am definitely psyched they’ll be releasing one!)


Vanaprasta – G-

I’m almost too excited to even write a damn thing about this track. Vanaprasta, one of my favorite LA groups have just unleashed their first out of 3 singles off of their upcoming record. And hot damn, I’m speechless.

I’ve been a fan of these guys for some time now but what has always set me over the top is their live show. The first track released titled “G-” is an extremely solid representation and glimmer into what a Vanaprasta show can hold for you. It’s completely epic. My 5th grade writing level can in no way do justice for trying to describe this track to you.


Song Sparrow Research –
Welcome to the Potato Famine

photo credit goes to Ethan Welty

Music just lands in my lap. God damn I’m a lucky man. And while there’s a lot of crap out there, some of the stuff that makes it to my ears is just amazing.

The most recent present has been a debut record from a Seattle band called Song Sparrow Research. I would have never heard of these guys if I wasn’t into the blogging game. So call me the prophet sent to pass along these sounds and have them hit your ears. (pretentious much?) You don’t need to answer that. I already know the answer. (it’s yes by the way)

Welcome to the Potato Famine is nothing that’s going to blow your head off. It’s just a solid debut album from guys who know how make some kick ass sounds. And in my eyes, that’s all i can ever ask for when listening a new band/record.


Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

It’s simple enough. I heard the intro to the track “Puzzle Pieces” from the group Saint Motel (audio warning on click) and wondered where the hell it was gonna go. It was like a person on a road trip cross country waiting to see which adventurous path they were going to go down. Lucky for me, they chose the right path.

A drum roll builds to kick us into some of the most fun yet thought out and legit sounding track I had hoped for. It twists and turns through out but always stays at that same level of awesomeness I hoped it would. Each section accompanies the next perfectly.

Now just to get my hands on more of their music…