Beady Eye – Different Gear, Still Speeding

When I first heard about Beady Eye I was like, great, it’s Oasis without the talented brother. But after a few listens to the record, that initial reaction went away.

I’ve always been much more fond of Liam’s voice, but he kinda seemed like a dick. So the nice guy in me gravitated towards the Noel camp. But let’s face it, I’m not marrying the group or even trying to be friends with them. They’re here to provide me with entertainment and music to make my ears happy.

Different Gear, Still Speeding gives me that. The songs aren’t groundbreaking but it’s definitely a record I throw on and get that nostalgic feeling when music was, well, a bit “simpler”.


Vandervelde – More Than You Can Feel

Can I just start out by saying how much I love this photo? It turns me on in an awkward way. He’s a good looking dude but it mainly has to do with the dog and gear around him. Sexy…

Blogger recommendations are ones I take the most seriously because once we develop a relationship and friendship, they tend to know what I’m going to dig or not. Kyle from Music Savage told me about Vandervelde a while back. I took his recommendation, listened, and dug what I heard.

So here we are with a brand new track from him titled “More Than You Can Feel”. What can I say. It’s fucking awesome.


The Booze – At Maximum Volume

I really don’t think The Booze are in the right era for music. But for myself and many others, they sure as fuck are. What the hell does that mean? It means these guys are stripping it down, rootsing it out, and writing songs with thought out chord progressions that work. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just grease it up a little bit.

With their album At Maximum Volume being released this month, the guys have a new video for the kick ass track “Kick Me Where It Hurts”.


Act As If – There’s a Light

As I write the title of this post I wonder if the name of the group and record were intentionally meant to come out as a full sentence. Could this mean a series of new records (or songs) from the group that all play out as a full sentences? Cause that’d be pretty cool and some smart thinking on their behalf. Or maybe I’m just easily amused…

When I mention they, I really should be focusing on Peter Verdell from the amazing group Act As If. Verdell released his first EP in 2006, quit his job, toured with friend Andrew Ripp, and then pulled a great group together to add to his songs. Might I add he wrote and produced There’s a Light all on his own?


The Trews – Hope & Ruin

I love when this happens. Find a band, start digging them, and then realize they have 3 prior albums you can go back to listen to. Apparently all different sounding/feeling from each other as well.

Canadian group The Trews are set to release their 4th record Hope & Ruin tomorrow on April 12th. They’ll be doing this pretty cool thing where if you buy the record from their site, you’ll get a free pass to a select few shows they’ll be playing. Only kicker is that they’re all in Canada…


The Acre – Cerca Trova

While walking into a Jamaica Plain venue called Milky Way one night, I heard this incredible musician covering what I remember to be “Sunken Treasure” by Wilco. (or maybe “Misunderstood”…) Needless to say, I was fucking floored and think Tweedy himself would have been in awe of how well Nick Murphy from The Acre covered it. It was near perfection yet he made it his own in the most perfectly subtle ways.

Come to find out, this is a guy I’ve drunkenly shared many amazing shows in Boston with. Clearly I drink too much… But knowing he’s in this band The Acre, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their new record Cerca Trova.


The Naked and Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You

The Naked And Famous have done a great job of creating something of a fun, party, solitary album. Big, bold production mixed with catchy ass hooks that will keep your speakers full (as long as you have nice ones).

Passive Me, Aggressive You pops it’s way into my rotation whenever I feel like lifting a Sparklehorse or Elliott Smith mood and giving me something to hit me in the chest with. At 13 songs it seems like quite a journey, but zone out and just enjoy the sounds. Always twisting an turning into something interesting.


Imaginary Cities – Temporary Resident

I’ve been listening to the new record Temporary Resident from the group Imaginary Cities for a couple of days now. And all I can say is that I’m devastated I missed them at SXSW. Hoping they decide to make it to the east coast sometime soon.

Based out of Winnipeg Canada, I am once again humbled by our musical neighbors to the north. Marti Sarbit has one of the most unique voices I’ve heard in a great while and Rusty Matyas hardly slacks with his duties in the group.


Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo

Thank you iPhone for being the camera that is always with me.

I normally try to keep things pretty low key here on the site and hook you up with something you may have never heard before. For some, Kurt Vile is old news. For others, I may be opening your listening world into something you would have never experienced. Who knows where this will fall.

All I know is that Kurt Vile released his latest LP Smoke Ring For My Halo recently (date is questionable even though I’ve had the vinyl since last tuesday) and hot damn is it amazing. It’s one of the few things Pitchfork and I have completely agreed on. And since I grabbed it at his in-store at Newbury Comics, it’s been hard to keep out of the rotation on the turntable.


Here We Go Magic – The January EP

I think my love affair with Here We Go Magic might have started with a video of them playing a tune and rocking the Stylophone. It’s as simple as that. Oh, and their music kinda kicks ass. That helps out quite a bit.

But luckily we’ve gotten word that they’ll be releasing a new EP titled The January EP set to be released on Secretly Canadian this May. (damn that’s a long ways to wait)


The Longwalls – Careers in Science

I’ve been a huge fan of The Longwalls for some time now. And I couldn’t be happier to see they’re rapidly making some noise on the Boston (and hopefully country-wide) music scene. Deservedly so.

With their 3rd release Careers in Science, the guys have found a very clean groove. Not just musically, call it more of a clean groove in an old vinyl. The vinyl was always there and enjoyable, but now someone has taken the time to pull out the discwasher and give that vinyl the full experience.

And might I add, their last release Dark Academy sounds like the bees knees on white vinyl.


Sacred Animals – Welcome Home

I couldn’t be luckier to be a music blogger. There is SO MUCH music in the world and sometimes things just fall into your lap and throw you for a loop. Best part? I probably would have never heard this music unless I had this damn blog.

And even better for you, because you get to hear it as well!

Sacred Animals come to us from across the pond (not sure if I like or hate that expression) in Ireland. But honestly, who the hell cares. This group has an amazing EP out and is touring the states very soon. So where they’re located could really mean jack.


The Last Royals cover Prince

Ladies and gentleman. It’s very rare I get so excited about posting a cover tune on the site. But today is a MAJOR exception.

One of my favorite groups as of late, The Last Royals, have stunned me again by covering one of my favorite artists. It’s a dude named Prince. If you haven’t heard of him, please leave right now. You’re dead to me. (KIDDING! Not really…Seriously, what’s wrong with you?)


Moving Units – Tension War EP

Moving Units have hit me deep with a single off of their latest EP Tension War. In an odd way it brings me back to my love for Tigercity.

Some bits of falsetto, groove-tastic drums, and guitars laced with a funk edge that make you wonder how good these guys could be live. A video below will give you a little taste of what that’s like.


Pepper Rabbit – Beauregard

Pepper Rabbit are definitely a new group to me, but from the sounds of their record Beaugard released on Kanine Records, I’m thinking there will be great things in store for these guys.

Formed by Xander Singh and Luc Laurent, these gentleman have managed to create a record very unique to themselves. It’s all across the board – and in the best way possible.


Only Son – “It’s a Boy” Video

There is some music you have to post immediately when it comes your way. The latest video from the upcoming album of Only Son (aka. Jack Dishel) is one that fits into this category.

His 2nd record Searchlight will be released Jan. 18th and is already one I highly suggest (as I listen to it while I write this post).

There is nothing but truth to find in this record. As witnessed by the lyrics to “It’s a Boy”, it’s a pretty surreal trip you’re taken on while discussing a topic that is actually reasonably possible today.


Over the Rhine – The Long Surrender

I like to keep things fresh and new here on dysonsound. Over the Rhine have provided me with something I wanted to share because, well? It’s an awesome track. Darkish, mood-inducing, and killer vocals. It had me sold after the first 30 seconds.

This husband and wife duo have shockingly been around for the past 20 years making music. Karen Bergquist and Linford Detweiler released their debut record in 1991. And here they are in 2011 about to release a fan-funded album titled The Long Surrender on their own label – Great Speckled Dog– named after their Great Dane, Elroy.


Poster Child – Suspicious Characters EP

Poster Child (aka Enzo Tiano) is self releasing his Suspicious Characters EP Jan. 22nd to the public. From the sounds of it, this electro/pop sound is one set to put a little groove and joy in your daily routine. Although the content can be a bit serious, the sound of the EP is somewhat contradictory to the tone of his lyrical topics.

Shockingly recorded over only a weeks time, Suspicious Characters sounds fully flushed out and not like a one-off rushed project. I’m extremely excited for the full-length in the works expected to come out early this year.


Jim Kroft – Memoirs From the Afterlife

Well, my best long distance mate is back at it again and hard at work on his second album. If you’ve missed out on his first release Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea I’m not too surprised. Like many other artists I love dearly, Jim Kroft is a very DIY artist. He takes control of everything he puts out and doesn’t let it head out the door without his golden stamp of approval.

Back when this blog was young, jim Kroft was one man I took kindly too. And he took kindly to me. We were kindred musical spirits set out on the same path. Now he’s pushing forward and continuing his hard work on a second release.

If this full length is anything like the last, we’re in for a real treat.


Foxes in Fiction – Alberto EP

I’m sure some hipper blog than mine can come up with a genre to peg Foxes in Fiction under. My genre for their new EP Alberto? Pure-awesome-fantasticness.(yeah, not hip)

The young Warren Hildebrand uses the moniker Foxes in Fiction to release his music under. Go by whatever name you want, this EP is fantastic. The music overwhelms me and sets you in that mood makes one eye go a bit lazy and your legs feel a bit like gelatin.


The Last Royals – The Last Royals EP

Eric James and Mason Ingram have come together to form a group releasing their debut self titled EP The Last Royals on Ooh La La Records. It’s not an ambitious undertaking like something Sufjan Stevens would take on. But does that make it any less important? Not at all.

This 5 song EP is a blast to listen to. With 4 originals and a remix, the guys in The Last Royals (audio warning on click) have taken the word (or letters) EP to heart.


Two Wounded Birds – Night Patrol

This group of Brits that go by the name Two Wounded Birds are about to release a new EP titled Keep Dreaming Baby. After one listen I was hooked. It’s such an old school sound without sounded forced and shoved down your throat.

Call on all the 50’s, and early 60’s white ‘surf rock’ records you can think of and throw all of them except maybe 3 out the window. Now add in about 5 records from your current music collection. Here you’ll have yourself the sound of Two Wounded Birds.


We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves –
One Belongs Here More Than You

It’s rare that I put on a random album and it tickles my ears as much as We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves has done.

Hot damn this record found me in the perfect mood today to listen to and enjoy all of the joyous sounds they’ve crafted. Cut the bullshit, cut the over the top production, cut the bullshit again. This record is a joy from start to finish.

The guys in the group sound like they’re a blast. Boxing together to stay up, club managers telling them to be quiet and place rags over the drum cymbals. They’re a group to look out for.


Lubec – Nothing is Enough EP

This might be a weird comparison for a group like Lubec, but when I listen to their new EP Nothing is Enough, I’m reminded of the Phil Spector ‘Wall of Sound’.

It’s not a wall of noise, it’s a wall of sonic craziness that actually makes sense. Just like what Spector did with his production and recordings.

I’m on my second listen to Nothing is Enough and it seems to be one that will only grow on me with each listen. Recorded on a tobacco farm, it’s been called “croon crushing pound-pop”. Whatever the hell that means, I’m into it.